Time to Start the Conversation

I’ve decided to start blogging. How many blogs start with that sentence? I’ve had thoughts running through my head for many years now, and I think my wife and my own head, to be honest, are tired of hearing the same things over and over. So, I’ve decided to start putting these thoughts out on paper… or this computer screen. I’m also making my thoughts public because, I think, this is life changing information. I think it’s timely. A part of me even thinks this may be what God wants me to do.

The point. I believe that I’ve stumbled, or God has led me to, a world view, a perspective, a paradigm, that changes everything. Everything about how I see the world, how I relate to others, how I love, how I forgive, what surprises me and what doesn’t, my Christian core has been shaken. I believe that if you, my readers, give full weight to my writings here, you will be changed. You will see the world in a new way. I believe.

So, I am going to start putting this paradigm, this world view, in writing here. And, to be honest, I’m scared. This is a very vulnerable thing for me to be doing. I scared that this may change how you view me. Maybe you won’t like me as much as you do, maybe you will like me more, both options are risky. Right? I’m scared that I may say something that someone won’t like. My thoughts in writing open me up for ridicule, for name calling, for rejection. I’m scared. But, here I go.

Who is my audience? Well, I hope it’s kind of like …anyone. I’m guessing some of my friends will read, maybe some out of duty. I’m writing as a Christian, but I really believe that no matter what your faith background is, or what religion you are, I think these thoughts can be helpful. I plan on tackling some topics that are very hot right now (again scared). I really hope that I get readers from all walks of life and all kinds of different perspectives because as this is titled, I’d like for this to be a conversation. Ask me some questions (again scared). Don’t worry if my answer is, “I’ll come back around this,” though. I will come back around it.

A note to my Progressive Christian friends and those who have or are beginning to deconstruct your faith. I honestly believe that the steps that you have taken away from what you may call “Evangelical Christianity” are the exact response to the opposite world view or paradigm that I will present in this blog. I really want you to consider these thoughts, I think you will find good things here. To my agnostic or atheist friends. I think that these thoughts will at a minimum help you understand what’s going on with Christians, like, “why do people who claim to follow Jesus act so hypocritical?” I really do think everyone can benefit from these thoughts. I wouldn’t be writing them down if not.

Bad news first. I’m going to talk about sin. I’m going to talk about it a lot. But I have a reason. It’s very important to understand how much different this paradigm is from how many of us, maybe most of us, currently operate. The bad news is paramount to this different world view. So, I can’t understate it’s importance.

It’s also going to take a long time to get to the point, so I’m going to need you to bear with me. I need for my blogs to really sink in. Each one will build upon the next and overlap and repeat and sometimes it will seem like we’re starting over. But, I need you to stick with me. Journey with me. Let this stuff open up to you.

The good news? This is amazing good news. It is earth shattering, ground breaking, life changing, (whatever big, over the top word you want to put in here), news. I didn’t come up with this stuff though. It’s been around a long time. I’m just repeating it. But, I truly believe if you stick with me, this paradigm will change the way you see the world and in turn effect every aspect of your life. It really is good news.

If I don’t tell you this has to do with Jesus, even though it’s in the title, and you are not a Jesus follower, and you begin to realize that it actually does have something to do with Jesus, you might be offended, like I was using some sort of sales tactic. So, I’ll tell you here at the start. This has to do with Jesus. But, here at the beginning I want you to forget about that because you might miss the world view or the paradigm, so again to those of you who don’t believe there is a God, or have abandoned your “evangelical” faith, or don’t want to have anything to do with anything spiritual or religious stick in here. I think you will find some useful nuggets that you can apply to your own life. At minimum you will or should be able to find new understandings around topics of Christianity, faith, morality, church disappointments, and the like.

So, here we go. I don’t think there is anything more I need to say before we begin.

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